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Welcome to “Chronically International,” a unique blog, that I’ve started and grown over the past year, documenting my remarkable and sometimes unusual, out of the ordinary life dealing with all things chronic illness whilst also manging life as an expat living overseas!  


I have recently launched a new venture within this blog called “The Warrior Weekly.” The whole idea of this blog is that it is written by a warrior (me), for fellow warriors, dedicated to community empowerment, raising awareness of chronic and invisible illnesses and disabilities, and shedding light on issues affecting the community. 


This blog will not only have a weekly feature issue focusing on an important topic, but it will also highlight numerous unique and diverse members of the chronic and invisible illness community via the “Spotlight Interview” initiative which will be released both on the blog website and via our Instagram as well!  


I want this to be a safe, engaging platform that empowers and inspires all the unique individuals that make up this amazing community we all belong to! I hope that it helps us all to understand the power that comes along with sharing your story, there is nothing to be ashamed about with a story or a scar, it makes you who you are and makes you a warrior; you never know who you might be inspiring by sharing it – your story could become someone else’s survival guide!  


Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoy!  


-Kate, xx   


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Thanks for submitting!